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Frequently asked questions

What to expect from your Physiotherapy appointment?

An initial assessment will last for approximately 1 – 1.5 hrs whereby a full history of the animal or human will be gathered, a detailed movement analysis will follow. I will then palpate the area affected to assess muscle and tissue quality and joint range of movement. A treatment plan and rehabilitation programme will be formulated and implemented.

Follow up sessions will last approximately an hour and will review changes in movement, pain response and muscle reaction to treatment and progress rehabilitation as necessary.

Will you feedback to my vet?

I aim to work closely with your doctor/vet, farrier, saddler and instructors/trainers to ensure a holistic approach and successful. 

The Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966) stipulates that I can only treat you animal  once i have gained veterinary consent.  Therefore I will always contact your Veterinarian prior to your animal's first physiotherapy appointment. .


New Horse- £60- 1.5hrs 

Follow-up horse- £50 1hr 

New dog/ follow-up- £40- 1hr

Human new/ follow-up - £30- 1hr

Travel Costs

Travel is charged at 45pence per mile.



All charges are due at time of treatment by cash, cheque or BACs

My animal is insured-can I still use you?

Many insurance companies will cover physiotherapy treatment. Please get in touch with your insurance company to find out if you have physiotherapy cover for your animal.


A detailed receipt can be provided on request which can be used to claim on your insurance.


Cancellation fee applies without 24hours notice

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